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Welcome to the Suffolk County Chapter of the New York State School Facilities Association.

The time has come to begin anew. In times such as these our attentions are spread thin and our focus can be blurred, but it is important to always remember what we are here for. The ultimate purpose of all of us who follow the path of facilities management for schools is to ensure our constituents, those students, faculty, staff and community members who call our schools home, are given the best, the safest and the most productive environment possible for which to foster growth, acquisition of knowledge and betterment.

I am proud to be but one representative of this group of management leaders in the educational arena. This year has thrown at us all far more than our share of curveballs and impossible situations. The pain and sadness of losing two of our long standing and strong leaders, Jonathan Hark and Mark Margolies will be with us for some time. I am so thankful to them both for all I have learned over the time I was privileged to know them and consider each a dear friend. We must now move forward and continue the work and legacy of them as well as all of our past leaders to continue to grow and thrive. Through it all I am proud of the work we are able to complete and the resolve with which our profession has met the challenges.

Our association thrives in its ability to support one another and work for the greater good of the entire community. Our chapter, along with the rest of the state has been very busy sharing information, clarifying confusing guidance and acting as the resource when needed to support strong decision making. I applaud all of my colleagues and look toward a better time when we can again deal with simpler challenges.

Our mission remains to further the knowledge and education of Directors of Facilities for educational facilities. Our goal is the continued enrichment of current directors as well as the cultivation of our future leaders who join us as newly seated directors.

While our monthly meetings may look different this year, we continue to present relevant information current to our needs while sharing ever changing guidance and directives of the State Education Department.
I encourage you to continue to support our charitable causes – which may suffer in this current climate. We thank all of you for your generosity toward the Marty Lyons Foundation in lieu of our annual casino night. We will do our best to continue to provide scholarships and care for our membership as before while limited in our ability to have traditional fund raising events.

I must take a moment to express our greatest thanks to all of our associate members for their continued support, cooperation and dedication. Without you, this organization would be a shadow of itself.
We encourage all Suffolk County School Directors of Facilities to participate. It truly does take a professional and together we can reach the highest level of professionalism and success.

Have a great year all.

Steve Koepper, President
North Babylon UFSD

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